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Mule 3.x Exception Handling

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Don’t over-think it. Mule 3.x has greatly simplified exception handling. Just like an assembly line, lets build the stops first and make sure the exception path is working.

Password Hell

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Everyone I know has to remember some number of combinations of user name and passwords. Personally, I have way to many to remember, so I wrote this program that encrypts password files and gives you a nice GUI front-end to manage it.   So now I only have to remember one password, that is used […]

JNI Adventures

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So, we have this issue where we can’t recreate test scenarios because of changing data on the back-end. A collegue of mine and I were discussing the issue when I began to think that we could use a packet sniffer to passively record network traffic and then play back those packets at anytime, thereby simulating […]