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Using a List of Custom Objects in JSF/Seam

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Whether you are using radio buttons, check boxes or selects,  at some point you probably have a collection of custom objects that you want to supply to that form control.  JSF by itself knows about SelectItem objects to populate the list and only really knows about Strings when a value is selected and submitted to […]

Packaging Facelets Templates in JAR Files

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In Facelets, the template attribute of the composition tag understands URI references including the jar protocol.  For instance, say I have a layout template called jlayout.xhtml inside a jar file called facelets-t.jar.  The reference can be absolute: template=”jar:file:///C:/j2ee/home/applications/myapp/WEB-INF/lib/facelets-t.jar!/jlayout.xhtml” Or, relative to the working directory where the JVM was invoked.  In the case of a j2ee […]