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Engineering Mistakes and Process Improvement

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I often come across articles that I find are great in theory but putting them to practice in an organization is very challenging mainly due to the culture.  It often takes a lot of pain before change will occur.  The old saying, “ouch that hurts!  Don’t do that.” comes to mind.  Why is it that […]

Apache 2.2 Configuration

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Apache configuration can be the most frustrating things, especially for those of us who don’t do it everyday.  The one mistake I constantly make is allowing Apache to serve up content from a document root.  Nine times out of ten I forget to add the Directory settings.  For example, once you configure a DocumentRoot don’t […]

Mule 3.x Exception Handling

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Don’t over-think it. Mule 3.x has greatly simplified exception handling. Just like an assembly line, lets build the stops first and make sure the exception path is working.