Engineering Mistakes and Process Improvement

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I often come across articles that I find are great in theory but putting them to practice in an organization is very challenging mainly due to the culture.  It often takes a lot of pain before change will occur.  The old saying, “ouch that hurts!  Don’t do that.” comes to mind.  Why is it that we are so reactive rather than proactive?

I really enjoy from learning from others experiences.  Here is an article that describes the pains of engineering a website in top ten style.  Top 10 Engineering Mistakes of an Entrepreneurial Site Developer‘s #2 mistake is lack of security awareness.  In my opinion this should be #1.  If we break the user’s trust, whether perceived or real, they won’t come back.  Worse is our lack of knowledge in this area.  Fortunately there is plenty of free information out there on the web and training is available.  Also, I’d recommend hiring a professional to perform an audit before you expose your pride and joy to the world.

How We Build Features is a great article about Agile methodology using KANBAN processes.  So many companies claim they are agile when in reality waterfall is king.  Without top level management understanding and promoting agile methodology within the organization, it will never work.